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The web of intent

The web of intent

Web Intents, Web Activities, Web Actions – call them what you will, I’m going to call them the future of the web app. The idea isn’t new – for example the humble mailto: “protocol intent” has been around since about web 0.1 as a means of telling the browser to do something other than render a web page (in this case, fire up an email client and send a “mail to” whoever’s email address it … Read entire article »

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The Golden Age of mobile? Soon maybe…

Some would say that it’s already been in the heady days of GSM Data and WAP, some would say it stalled when European clients pulled all funding from mobile internet apps in the post-dot-com-crash GPRS days, some would say that with the advent of the iPhone we’re there in all it’s shiny-coverflow-enabled-finger-waggling-goodness. It seems like every second person is now weilding some kind of internet enabled device and in Europe and the US the penetration is even higher than Oz although we are racing for a frontline position showing that reasonable access is more important than either coverage or cost. Half way through 2009 it’s interesting to look at some of the predictions for this year – particularly where mobile is concerned and take a quick stock. The big 3 (Apple, MS, RIM) … Read entire article »

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