Disclaimer & Disclosure

As bloggers are generally quite anonymous I think we should all have to disclose any of our interests that may be pertinent to the writing and publishing of a story - so here's everything relevant about me.


I am one of several JBA and Rocket Melbourne employees that answer questions and write online and in the wider media and this extends to speaking engagements. I am usually communicating about Physical Computing, Open Source Software, Mobile technology, Data Analysis and the future of Internet related technology so in these areas I generally make some sort of sense.

If I publish something here that is of use to you then that's fantastic (and I'd love to hear of your success) but at it's heart this is my personal blog; the views or opinions expressed here are mine alone and do not constitute the views of my employer.

I reserve the right categorically to say something stupid ;)


I am currently an employee of JBA where I receive a salary from them. I am also the founder of Rocket Melbourne where I draw a salary.

I don’t accept speaking fees, consulting fees, honoraria, or junkets. I don’t accept free, discounted, or loaned products. When I receive unsolicited gifts of value from companies or individuals in the scope of work, I give away those gifts.

When I speak at a conference or event I generally do not pay a registration fee for that event. Most conferences also either waive or discount fees for that event so that my colleagues or clients may attend as well. Generally either I or my company pay for travel and accommodation expenses when I speak though being in Australia means some conference organisers will cover my travel costs to get me somewhere (as Melbourne is REMOTE).

I do not run advertisements or otherwise receive any monetary compensation from the operation of my website.

I receive free hosting of my website through Clustered in respect of my contributions to Open Source and in particular PHP.

I have investments in Yahoo that were provided for services in community building.