The meandering journey of NodeBots Interchange

Published Wednesday, January 27th 2016

What started as a plan to simply make components work a bit better with NodeBots turned into a way of managing any firmware using JavaScript.

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  • Tuesday, January 18th 2011

    Android fragmentation: really not a big deal

    This is a post I've been mulling over for a while and it now seems the right time to put my thoughts down around the issue of Android Fragmentation. There has been a lot of talk amongst the community about this and whilst some was fuelled by Steve Jobs (though they are remaining remarkably quiet currently) it seems like the fragmentation "issue" now has a life of it's own amongst devs.

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  • Wednesday, March 24th 2010

    An Open Internet call to arms

    Having watched the trainwreck that is the Australian Internet Filter and Senator Conroy's single minded obsession to go down in history as the "man who removed free speech from Australia" I can't help but notice two things:

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  • Monday, April 21st 2008

    Can Yahoo really get things so wrong?

    Yahoo are one of the original dotcoms. They've been around for a long time so they should know their business. Imagine my surprise when one of my clients starts complaining that their confirmation emails to yahoo email accounts are permanently being binned as is everything else they send - including personal communications.

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  • Sunday, March 16th 2008

    Security 101 : The user should be able to authenticate

    Security needs to be appropriate for the value of the asset it protects.

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  • Wednesday, February 20th 2008

    DVD Jon strikes again

    When he released DeCSS he ran afoul of the US DMCA and was almost charged, he was then indicted by Norwegian authorities acting on behalf of the US who actually did go to court twice to try and convict him of hacking. Both times they failed and decided not to go to the Supreme Court.

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  • Tuesday, February 12th 2008

    Why industries can still be revolutionised on the web

    I'm a bit of a cynic really. Anyone that's trawled through the depths of this blog will know that I have a fairly acid tongue when it comes to technology. I am a walking example of the phrase "familiarity breeds contempt".

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  • Saturday, December 22nd 2007

    Potent messages of impotent industries

    I should probably know better than to open my mouth but the obvious has to be stated on this one. For anyone that is net Savvy enough to know what BitTorrent is, the news that TorrentSpy has just lost its court case against the MPAA isn't exactly surprising.

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  • Wednesday, December 19th 2007

    SMS Bamboozlement...

    I'm doing some work for a client at the moment who's industry is particularly technophobic. The absolute cutting edge is a bit of YouTube video thrown willy nilly into a page. I'd also point out that design is something that rarely makes an appearance in this particular industry.

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  • Saturday, December 1st 2007

    PCI DSS will wreak havoc on SMEs

    One of my clients was asking me about PCI DSS certification today. Coincidentally I also received our letter about compulsory compliance to the PCI DSS standard.

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  • Wednesday, November 21st 2007

    Why was data being passed on a disc and what was EDS' advice?

    Readers in the UK will be aware of a Data Protection Act train crash that we have been watching unfold in front of us over the last few days. It turns out that 25 million records of a database managed by HMRC have been lost in the post because they were sent on a couple of disks using unrecorded mail.

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  • Saturday, November 3rd 2007

    CSS Structure - what a mess

    James posted a message on my blog some weeks ago and it's only now that a penny has dropped in my mind about what we need to deal with the issue of structure in CSS - the problem is we have none. As James points out you end up with a flat mess that with all the best will in the world definitions are hard to find.

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  • Monday, October 15th 2007

    Let the new gaming witch hunt begin

    I'm in my thirties now and I've been playing computer games from the age of about four when my dad first brought home the venerable Vic 20 - partly because he was doing a computer science degree at University but mostly because he wanted to tinker.

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