DDD JavaScript IoT workshop

Published: Saturday, August 8th 2015

A summary of the various projects completed as part of the JS IoT workshop given at DDD Melbourne 2015.

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It seems like hardware and JavaScript has really hit a tipping point this year with numerous workshops and nodebots events taking place all around the world. I was invited to do a workshop as part of the DDD Conference this year. Given the other IoT leaning discussion sessions, I felt that instead of building robots, we'd focus on a much more practical IoT session, getting participants to learn some basic electronics and then build some very simple IoT devices.

The workshop presentation is below. The code used for the workshop is available in a github repo. The devices that were built were:

  • Simple blinking an LED
  • Gmail notifier
  • twitter keyword blinker
  • Weather forecast
  • Ambient light visualisation
  • Temperature data logger

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