CSS Structure - what a mess

Published: Friday, November 2nd 2007

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  • CSS Structure - what a mess

    James posted a message on my blog some weeks ago and it's only now that a penny has dropped in my mind about what we need to deal with the issue of structure in CSS - the problem is we have none. As James points out you…

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  • JQuery Slideshow

    It seems JQuery is definitely gaining some traction as a useful library - not least because of the development of the ThickBox Gallery library by Cody Lindley which is seeing huge amounts of use around the web at the…

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  • JQuery saves the day?

    If you haven't come across it yet there is a javascript library called JQuery which is being developed as an open source project, designed to give us better control over our web pages and the things we can do with them…

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  • When CSS goes bad

    If you do a lot of CSS work you'll have seen particular bugs time after time and how to deal with them, however when things do go wrong and they will trust me finding bug related information can be a nightmare. For…

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  • Why is CSS such a painful tool?

    Looking at the title above you'd be expecting to see a rant covering the lines of CSS is rubbish, it doesn't work properly and why can't we go back to the days of nested tables and lots of little shim images. I love CSS…

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