ChatGPT and Generative AI in the enterprise

Published: Sunday, February 12th 2023

There is a lot of opportunity for Generative AI from a business technology perspective. Talking with other technology leaders, we discuss what risks and rewards may exist.

I was invited to sit down with some other technology leaders for a podcast where we discussed Generative AI and the Enterprise.

Given how rapidly it has become the only thing everyone is talking about, we started with the emergence of ChatGPT and its use in a business context.

Very quickly we moved on to discuss the implications of Generative AI from a regulatory perspective - especially if you work in heavily regulated industries such as Finance or Health - as well as philosophical considerations such as what is the value of huamn work and creativity.

One of the areas we go into much more depth and is particularly applicable to business use is the notion of Generative AI supporting specialists at the edge of the organisation to support innovation as well as business models that may exist in this new space.

It was definitely great to be part of this discussion with other thinkers in the space - we could have gone for many hours but managed to keep it short.

The podcast was hosted by Michaela Ferreira and my discussion partners were Hemil Deshmukh, Gus Gollings and David Jenkins.

You can listen to the full podcast on the embed below or else find it on SoundCloud or Spotify

Title image by ajfisher: a business person looking into an AI environment - SDXL

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