Neo-Futurism in the Information Age

Published: Monday, October 17th 2011

Finally the gloom of the GFC appears past and the web community are attempting to dream big ideas again - a summary of WDS11.

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  • A Device API safari

    There are many interesting things to be found in the Device API. This talk went on a journey to see what we could find worth playing with.

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  • Web Facilitated Play in the Real World

    How can physical interaction with digital media augment the experience of both and what part does the web have to play in this space?

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  • Humanising the Internet of Things

    Just making your device "smart" isn't enough - it needs to also be usable. The human aspects of IoT are consistently forgotten in this new interaction space.

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  • How to avoid the Audience : Presenter Disconnect

    I've just finished two fantastic days at Web Directions South, a conference that has great organisers, great participants and largely informative and inspirational presentations from experts in their respective Web…

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  • One feature away from desktop Linux

    There is only one real reason Linux isn't ready for prime time desktop usage - but it is close.

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  • Web Directions South 2009 - Cloud Sourcing the Business

    I recently gave a presentation at Web Directions South which was fantastic (the conference I'm referring to here!). The session was on cloud computing and I hope everyone got something out of it. I've put the…

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