Book launch of Make: JavaScript Robotics

Published: Wednesday, April 15th 2015

This new book on JavaScript robotics launches today, co-authored by 15 of core NodeBots community members from around the world.

My new contributed book, Make: JavaScript Robotics goes on sale today after the last eight months working on it. It was absolutely fantastic working on this project with 14 other people who pretty much represent the core of the NodeBots community internationally. The book was curated by Rick Waldron - the creator of Johnny Five and had contributions from developers all over the world with many different backgrounds but all sharing a passion for JavaScript and hardware.

It was so much fun working with the team on this project and there was a great sense of community as all of us worked together on the build - as we all co-wrote our chapters at the same time.

The eBook and actual printed version are available now from all the usual book stores.

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