Applying the lessons of mobile dev to IoT

Published: Wednesday, September 2nd 2015

IoT product development has the opportunity to draw on some of the lessons hard won over the years of developing for mobile.

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I got the opportunity to write an opinion piece for IBM Developer Works on what lessons from other aspects of technology could be applied to IoT. I drew from my own experience in mobile, looking at:

  • how decoupling services from avatars create more natural interaction methods
  • assuming connectivity issues and adopting an offline first approach
  • How the hardware & software design process unfolds as a result of interaction refinement.

This challenge is magnified when you consider the numerous contexts in which your IoT product might be used. It might just be a sensor, but how do you interact with it? Is it by using a mobile or web application? Is configuration different than reporting? How usable are these interfaces? The list of questions can seem endless.

Full article at IBM Developer Works: Best practices for IoT development

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