An unofficial endorsement of the Android platform?

Published: Wednesday, July 29th 2009

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  • Case Study: Django + Agile = Sportsgirl redevelopment

    I've decided to write this one up because there isn't much on large scale and high speed Django development as yet and this is all still fresh in my head so it's worth getting down on paper (or screen as it were). The…

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  • The Golden Age of mobile? Soon maybe...

    Some would say that it's already been - during the heady days of GSM Data and WAP, some would say it stalled when European clients pulled all funding from mobile internet apps in the post-dot-com-crash GPRS days, some…

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  • EEEPC's power is in the network not the machine

    It's official - I definitely am in love with ASUS' EEEPC. I liked the idea when they first came out and specifically trawled around Hong Kong computer markets to find one not long after they were launched. It's not the…

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  • Ubuntu 8.04 - truly desktop Linux

    I'm quite an Ubuntu fan, having followed the project since more or less it's original inception. Given the general lack of problems with it thus far you'll notice very few entries on this blog about it. Indeed various…

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  • Easy product or class rating system

    So you've got a lovely little ratings system going on your site. All of a sudden though you get slashdotted, dugg or just your marketing starts working and you have thousands of users all rating your products / services…

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  • Phorm over function?

    Phorm is, and will continue to be for some time I think a hugely divisive issue online. BBC have another story today about it, this time having spoken to the various security companies like F-Secure, McAffee etc about…

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  • Can Yahoo really get things so wrong?

    Yahoo are one of the original dotcoms. They've been around for a long time so they should know their business. Imagine my surprise when one of my clients starts complaining that their confirmation emails to yahoo email…

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  • Security 101 : The user should be able to authenticate

    Security needs to be appropriate for the value of the asset it protects.

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  • DVD Jon strikes again

    DVD Jon or Jon Lech Johansen as he is more commonly known gets a lot of love here. This great Norwegian famously broke the DVD encryption put in place by the big firms with the release of some software primarily aimed at…

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  • Why industries can still be revolutionised on the web

    I'm a bit of a cynic really. Anyone that's trawled through the depths of this blog will know that I have a fairly acid tongue when it comes to technology. I am a walking example of the phrase "familiarity breeds contempt…

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