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Published: Thursday, January 31st 2008

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  • The warm glow of site launch

    I've been in this game a long time but there is still nothing sweeter than launching a site after spending a months building it with your team and the client. As a TD, site launch brings a mix of emotion - fatigue from…

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  • Potent messages of impotent industries

    I should probably know better than to open my mouth but the obvious has to be stated on this one. For anyone that is net Savvy enough to know what BitTorrent is, the news that TorrentSpy has just lost its court case…

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  • My top 5 jQuery seasonal wishes

    I've waxed lyrical about jQuery before, I've been using it a lot to do worker code which I just can't be bothered to hand write any more. Not least because jQuery handles all the little browser inconsistencies for me so…

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  • SMS Bamboozlement...

    I'm doing some work for a client at the moment who's industry is particularly technophobic. The absolute cutting edge is a bit of YouTube video thrown willy nilly into a page. I'd also point out that design is something…

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  • .NET / XSLT and how to import an external XML document

    I work with XML and XSLT every day of the week. Indeed working for a company called XML Infinity you can imagine how much we use it. I had one of those incredibly frustrating moments this afternoon that one typically…

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  • PCI DSS will wreak havoc on SMEs

    One of my clients was asking me about PCI DSS certification today. Coincidentally I also received our letter about compulsory compliance to the PCI DSS standard. Both of us are what are termed "Level 4 Merchants" - that…

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  • Adding Cron Jobs to a QNAP server

    If you haven't come across them yet QNAP make these amazing little NAS boxes that are perfect for home or SME use. I've got mine running as a home server but might get one for the office as our old server is on it's last…

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  • Why was data being passed on a disc and what was EDS' advice?

    Readers in the UK will be aware of a Data Protection Act train crash that we have been watching unfold in front of us over the last few days. It turns out that 25 million records of a database managed by HMRC have been…

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  • Fuzzy logic could book more flights

    SQL makes logic easy for developers, however it also creates boundary issues when it comes to sales price matching. Fuzzy logic could help resolve this problem.

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  • Why can't I have $100 laptop

    Don't you hate it when you can't get something you'd really like? I've been following the OLPC project more or less since its inception. When I first heard about it I was mostly interested in how they were going to pull…

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