Datatium - data as material for contextually responsive design

Published: Wednesday, September 9th 2015

Responsive design is still very screen size focussed where as we should be considering context much more than we do. This talk explains how Datatium helps resolve this.

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A large focus of my work at JBA is UX related data science and in particular how useful understanding of what someone is doing can be used to create a better experience for them. Whilst most of this is oriented to online experiences, the application of this applies to any experience really.

The main aspect of this I work on (which even applies to my IoT work) is to better understand context - how an experience can be shaped based in information about the current context someone is in. This is immediately applicable to our current responsive design trends as it's not sufficient to simply respond to someone's screen size when there are night and day differences in things like network speed for example.

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I was asked to talk about this topic at Be Responsive to highlight how responsive design needs to move past the current fixation on screen sizes (though we have thankfully moved on from simply pixel sizes) and truly understand context first in order to be able to create good responsive experiences.

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